Plant Tenders, Willowbrook, IL
Design   ♦  Installation   ♦  Maintenance
Since 1983


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"I am very impressed by this crew. They were a pleasure to work with, and they would NOT take a break. I put out coffee, breakfast bars, pop—and they would not stop. I love how the garden looks and will take pride in showing it, as well as recommending PLANT TENDERS to others!!"  ~ Western Springs, IL

    • artistic, unique, site-appropriate creations  
   • projects small and large  
   • seasonal plantings and containers  
Project Installation  
    • thorough and conscientious site preparation  
    • experienced and proven planting techniques  
    • post installation care  
  • semi-monthly, monthly or special request landscape maintenance - no mowing
  • spring and fall clean-ups  
  • edging and mulching  
  • specialized pruning of small trees and shrubs to promote health and enhance natural shape
          • continuous corrective  
          • winter silhouette  

Rain Gardens Expert Pruning Ecological Approach Consultations Irrigation Assessment
Patios/Walkways Native Plantings Trellises/Garden Accessories Water Preservation Ponds/Water Features